Sorry for the lack of posting lately.  And this post isn't going to really be about food, but it's something I am ready to share.

      It has been almost two weeks since we made the 22 hour drive, straight through, to see my best friend one last time.  She passed away at 30 years old.  One day shy of a year from being diagnosed with metaplastic breast cancer, a very rare and aggressive form of cancer that spread throughout her body pretty quickly.  She fought with everything she had though.  The end kind of took everyone by surprise.  The doctors had warned that it could be in the next few months but it turned out to be the very next week.  

     So here we all are.  Missing her so, so, so much. My brother in law, nieces and nephew are facing their first holiday without her. No words are enough to express their sorrow.

      If you could do me one favor as your surrounded by those you love this Thanksgivng, don't miss any opportunity to tell those people just how much they mean to you.  You never know if you'll have the chance again.

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